“We focus on high-quality fresh-ingredient cocktails”

Cocktails carefully crafted utilizing premium local ingredients by New York Mixsultant™ Joseph Boroski


  • Mai Tai

    Made original with white Rum, Orange Curaçao, Fresh Lime and Orgeat Syrup.
    Served with a side of fresh pineapple, Orange, and homemade hibiscus grenadine for your Sweet tooth.

  • Margarita

    Tequila, Grand Marnier, Fresh Lime, Sugar and Himalayan Pink Rock Salt.

  • Old-Fashioned

    Bourbon, Angostura and sugar stirred on ice with orange oil.

  • Silver Fizz

    Gin shaken twice with fresh lemon, Sugar and Egg, and rounded off with Soda.

  • Daiquiri

    White Rum, Fresh Lime, sugar and egg. Simple and Classic.

  • Caipirina

    Cachaça with fresh sugarcane, turbinado, and cut limes.


  • The Stacked Martini

    Our house martini is made with a Spanish olive, lemon oil, just a kiss of vermouth and your choice of gin or vodka.

  • Island Fashioned

    A stirred-to-perfection bourbon Old Fashioned with hints of fingerroot, galangal, Thai basil, and bird chili.

  • The Sand (Dirty martini with olives & green tomatoes)

    This shaken martini, which would have done right by James Bond himself, is made filthy with broken Spanish olives and green tomatoes.

  • Bashed & Battered

    Crushed blueberries in blended scotch with fresh lime, ginger, hibiscus, pomegranate, and a bit of soda.

  • Bacon-Stacked Bloody Mary

    Sweet pepper vodka, fresh green tomato, green and pink peppercorn, galangal, horseradish, lemon, Thai birdchili, crispy bacon, and sea salt flakes.


  • Stacked & Shacked

    Pandanus-infused rum with fresh pineapple and lime, pink peppercorn, and palm sugar

  • Fizz It Up

    Gin infused with cilantro and sage shaken twice with fresh lemon, honey, and egg, and touched with soda

  • Nicely Stacked

    Gin, raspberry and fresh lemon, watermelon and cinnamon

  • Lemongrass Daiquiri

    White rum with crushed lemongrass, a homemade lemongrass syrup, brown rock sugar, and lime

  • Stacked Mojito

    White rum and crushed lime and mint with fresh sugarcane, brown rock sugar, and date

  • Smooth Sailing

    Vodka with fresh green mango and pineapple, lime and homemade hibiscus grenadine

  • Comfort Cosmo

    Sweet pepper vodka, Grand Marnier, cranberry, fresh lime, honey, pomegranate, egg

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