Chef’s Special November

Special selection of dishes by our Chef:

  • Duo Tacos
    Fish and chicken tacos, Spanish rice, black beans, tomato salsa, verde salsa, herb slaw, avocado purée, sour cream, gremolata
  • Chicken honey Tabasco chipotle sauce
    Pan-grilled chicken breast crispy skin, garlic mash, roasted herb cherry tomato, asparagus, glazed baby carrot, cauliflower purée, shallot confit, parsnip purée, honey tabasco chipotle sauce
  • Alaskan butter fish dill white wine sauce
    Charcoal-grilled Alaskan butter fish, roasted herb cherry tomato, truffle mash, asparagus, shallot confit, glazed baby carrot, cauliflower purée, parsnip purée, white wine cream sauce

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